St. Michael’s Learning Academy Credit Recovery Program

What is credit recovery?

The St. Michael’s Learning Academy Credit Recovery Program is an alternative program where a high school student who has failed a class can enroll in and have the opportunity to redo coursework or retake a…

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It is no secret that Houston is “the most diverse city in America.” Academic studiesnumerous newspaper articles, billboards, and even the mayor have flaunted this title. A wide array of cultural festivals alternating almost weekly and the unfamiliar linguistic…

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Is Your Child More Than a Number?

I have yet to meet anyone involved in the education system who disputes that grades are important.

The pressure for this generation’s brightest minds to get into good colleges often makes grades the number one concern to both parents…

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The Beautiful Complexity Of Education

“Teachers possess the power to create conditions that can help students learn a great deal—or keep them from learning much at all. Teaching is the intentional act of creating those conditions.” -Parker Palmer

There is something I like to…

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