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Crossroads School, Inc. prepares students with learning differences (K-12th grades) to integrate into a conventional school or college by facilitating their maximum academic and social potential in an emotionally safe and supportive environment.

Our Philosophy

Building on our mission, Crossroads embraces individual differences and seeks to maximize students’ learning potential.  We think “outside of the box,” using a variety of strategies to teach and support each student’s educational needs as they build on existing strengths, address challenges, and experience increased success.

Basic Tenets

  • All students are unique and learn in different ways.
  • A supportive environment is necessary for academic and social success.
  • Creative and flexible teaching strategies are needed to accommodate diverse learning differences.
  • Classrooms should support multi-level and multi-sensory learning.
  • Setting incremental academic and social goals is necessary for measuring success.
  • Positive reinforcement and timely feedback encourage personal responsibility.
  • Students must be active participants in the process of their education and growth.


  • Prepare students to mainstream into traditional classrooms.
  • Prepare students to articulate and advocate for their own learning needs.
  • Prepare students to use problem-solving strategies when faced with challenges.
  • Develop students’ intrinsic motivation to reach their highest potential.

What is an “Emotionally Safe” Space?

  • An environment where one can make mistakes without fear of punitive discipline.
  • An environment where all people communicate with kindness and understanding.
  • An environment free from bullying, teasing, and intimidation.
  • An environment where each person’s unique qualities are appreciated and celebrated.
  • An environment that nurtures the care and compassion for others beyond the self.

All staff, faculty, and administration are held to the high standard of making Crossroads School an emotionally safe space for students, parents, and co-workers.

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